Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy 2014!

I don't think it's a big secret that I have trouble keeping up with this blog. I still plan to post here, but I decided to start a Carly Shrinks facebook page because I believe that will be easier to keep up with. Come on over there if you'd like to see what I have going on more often. Until then... here are some things I did in 2014...
I finished up T25 last winter and completed my training plan. I had some awesome snow runs. In April I ran Half Marathon #5. The running part of this half itself was not great. I ended up with 3 blisters on one foot around mile 5. I ran/walked/limped the rest of the race. Aside from the pain, this half was an AWESOME experience! I ended up spending the 2nd half of the race with a man who has run at least 2 halfs in every state (over 150 total) and 60+ fulls. He was so awesome to talk to and I wish I would have got a picture with him.

At the end of April while sitting in stopped traffic after leaving an amusement park, a car slammed into my car. We were ok, but I ended up with some bad neck pain that I'm STILL seeing the chiropractor for. It was suggested I not run for awhile so that spawned into a somewhat lazy spring/summer with no big training goals.

On Memorial Day, Braylon participated in his first 5K! He did awesome! I was able to participate in it with him because we did a slow run/walk.

Most of the summer I did 2-3 mile runs here and there and went to our awesome bootcamp in the park on Saturdays. I eventually got my fitness level back to where it was and then some!
 I am currently back to training like crazy and feel the best I've ever felt in my life! I'm doing p90x3 6 days a week and running 3-4 days a week. My AMAZING boyfriend got me the best birthday present I could imagine. It's hard not to want to run when you own this beauty:

My runs have been better than ever. This past Saturday I ran 6.3 miles without a single walk break. That's my "no walk break" record right now and I plan to break it soon! I have so many exciting things coming up and cannot wait to share them!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Plans, plans, plans...

When I changed my life physically, I also changed it mentally. I used to be messy, unorganized and not care what I was doing from one day to the next. Now I am a planner, slightly OCD and very organized. Basically, I think I just got a lot less lazy.


Nothing gets me more motivated than putting together a workout schedule! I currently have half marathon #5 in April. Here's what I'll be doing for the next 3 months...

I made my own running schedule this year, modified off a schedule from For my previous 4 HMs, I have followed Hal Higdon's Novice 1 plan. Hal's plan worked well, but I needed something to fit my schedule better. I'm a full time working single mom of a son who has had more extracurricular activities in kindergarten alone, than I had in all of my school years combined! That is a slight exaggeration, but the point is... I stay busy. I like this plan because the weekday runs never exceed 4 miles. I tailored the weekend runs so that my longer runs happen on the weekends that my son is with his dad. I'm trying to avoid running 10 miles on a treadmill ever again while trying to entertain the lil guy. The letters on the schedule represent the type of run I plan to do: E=Easy, I=Interval, H=Hill, T=Tempo and L=Long.

The other workouts are the last 3 weeks of T25 Beta and the next 4 weeks of T25 Gamma. Yep, I bought gamma and I've SO EXCITED for the challange. I'm not sure what my supplemental activity will be once gamma is complete. Ideas are repeating some of T25, starting p90x3 (love the shortened workouts) or possibly starting Insanity. (The OCD side of me is completely going nuts over posting this without knowing for sure what I plan to do the last 6 weeks!!!)


Food sucks. My eating is horrible. I try so hard (I really do)! I have these kick-ass awesomely clean breakfasts and lunches and by the time dinner comes, I'm so hungry that I just eat horribly. Obviously the answer is to stop depriving myself so much during the day. I workout well in the evening, but that doesn't stop me from eating. I try to distract myself, but it's so hard to resist. Am I addicted to eating? I sat at the office yesterday with M&Ms, carmel popcorn and cookies beckoning me ALL. DAY. LONG. I resisted the temptation, but it was really hard. When I got home, I had one 35-calorie sleeve of Braylon's PEZ candy and it was hard not to eat the other 8 sleeves. Should it really be so hard to resist these things? I know the science behind what I need to do, I've done it before. I know what I do wrong: I restrict myself more than I should, lose weight well but then I relapse (or whatever you want to call it). I need that healthy middle ground and I feel like that has to come from a change in my mind. So with all that said, I plan to COMPLETELY throw away everything that's not clean and healthy in my house this weekend. Then I'm going to the grocery and buying clean food. Here's the main jist of my list:
  • lean meats
  • veggies (including kale and spinach for smoothies)
  • fruit
  • eggs
  • nuts (I'm still nervous about these. I've been in calorie counting mode for so long that these were a no-no.)
  • whole grains (still stumped on what I can and can't have)
So that's all... If anyone has any suggestions, let me know! I still need to do research on the eating, but just writing out how much I'm struggling helps. Basically, I know I can start counting every calorie and lose weight, but I want to do something that's not going to backfire on me in the end. Something I can do forever!

On a mission to weigh less than 200 in 2014! I will do this!

EDIT: after posting this, I found this awesome list and website with lots of good info

Thursday, December 26, 2013

December 26th

Merry Christmas one day late! I hope your Christmas was as wonderful as ours!

I really failed at eating healthy this holiday season. I'm so committed to my T25 workouts and running that I believe that's the only reason I didn't gain a bunch this season (I gained SOME, not a bunch). I'm currently doing the beta round of T25 (after 10 weeks of alpha). So far so good: I haven't missed an exercise and think I actually like this stuff more than running. I will not stop running, though. I have 2 half marathons this spring, and even though I've been running 3-4 times a week, my official training starts Jauary 6th.

So basically, my exercising is on point and my eating is not. I feel like I need a plan, something to get me back on track. I want something I can stick with. I want to eat clean. I want to be mindful of the things I'm putting in my body. I want to think of food as fuel and not a reward.  I  want to see a number below 200 in 2014! And most of all, I don't want to wait until January 1. I'm starting right now! December 26... a fresh start!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Gobble Gobble!

Long time, no blog! Just wanted to give a quick update that I'm still alive and fighting the good fight. After my last half, I was down for what seemed like forever with strep, bronchitis, the common cold, etc. But I've been doing alright lately.

Tomorrow I'm running one of my favorite races: A 5-mile turkey trot! This is mostly my favorite race because I feel like it helps justify the food aspect of the holiday. I do plan to keep it all moderate. I want to enjoy myself, but I'm making a HUGE veggie tray in order to try to "fill up" that way.

I have been working out with ShaunT for the last 9 weeks. I started T25 to supplement my running. There's an alpha round and a beta round (5 weeks each). I choose to repeat the alpha round to make sure I'm ready for Beta. I will start Beta in about 10 days and I'm scared, yet excited. I have only lost a few lbs, BUT the things it's doing to my body are AMAZING. I'm tighter, stronger and my core feels great. I am running faster and just really overall feel like I'm in the best shape of my life.

I'm already signed up for 2 halfs this spring. One in April and one in May. I'm taking a different approach with my training plan this time (will share in a later blog post) and cannot wait to improve my time!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! My family from Florida is in town and I'm looking forward to spending the day with them. I will leave you with some pictures of the last month: 

My Halloween Hulk!

80s workout girl (last minute costume, I sadly had all these things at home)

Bray and I got some professional pics done last weekend (

He does T25 with me sometimes (and he's better than me at the plank moves!)

Monday, October 14, 2013

US Air Force Half Marathon Race Report

Wow, I'm well past due for an update on here. I have a lot to catch up on, but first I definitely want to make a post detailing my 4th half marathon.

7 days before the half: Braylon came down with a stomach bug on the day that I had a 10 mile training run. I didn't want to take him to my parents (as previously arranged) and infect them so that I could run outside. It was decided that I was going to have to suck it up and run them on the treadmill. 10 miles on a treadmill DEFINITELY took some determination. I wanted to quit about 10,000 times, but I did it and felt amazing afterwards!

6 days before the half: The morning started off by going to Braylon's football game and then us grabbing lunch with my Grandpa at my favorite restaurant, chipotle. I'm going to skip all the details here and just let you know 2 things: 1-when I taught Braylon to share, I didn't mean stomach bugs and 2-the thought of chipotle made my insides churn for weeks after this day.

5 days before the half: I hadn't been able to keep anything down or move, really. It was torture just to get Braylon to school. I took the day off work and slept.

4 days before the half: I was feeling a bit better, returned to work, unable to eat anything nutritious. At this point I'm basically living off cheez-its (they were the only thing that sounded good) and ice. I had to suck it up and miss a training run, but it was taper week so I wasn't too concerned.

Sweet, wonderful, glorious ice!

3 days before the half: Yessssss! I felt somewhat normal again! I was downing water because I knew I was super dehydrated. All I could focus on was getting hydrated and avoiding the crampy situation of my Columbus half last year.

2 days before the half: WTF is going on? I wake up and can barely walk. In high school, I broke my 5th metatarsal in my foot. I have re-injured it in the past, but not in the last 10 years. I was confused about whether this happened while I was lying on the couch the last 4 days or sitting at my desk. I mean, I had so little activity nor did I have any trips or falls. I could barely walk 5 steps without being in pain so I decided to make a doc appt. I was not going to miss a race unless I had doc orders that I couldn't. She ended up giving me some anti-inflammatories, which I was only allowed to take for 2 days (doc didn't want anything masking the pain on race day). She instructed me to do some slow running, walks, and basically make a game-time decision on race morning based on how I felt.

That evening was the expo and I was excited to take Braylon and try to "walk off the pain" in my foot. We had a good time and I just shrugged off the pain hoping I wasn't doing more harm than good.

He got sooo many goodies from vendors :)

1 day before race: Still foot pain, but it felt like it was getting better? Luckily, I have an amazing best friend/massage therapist who works at a chiropractic office and does KT taping. I wasn't sure if it would work, but it couldn't hurt to try. She taped me up and I was ready to go! That night I got a good night of sleep and prepared myself that if my foot was still giving me problems I wouldn't run.

All taped up and ready to run!
Race Day: I was up at 4 to do some extra preparing for a race in the rain: garbage bag fashion design and body glide for my feet (to prevent wet sock blisters). My foot was feeling good so I was optimistic. I kept noticing a little bit of a sore throat, but I assumed it was from the change in weather. I did pick up some emergen-C and hoped it wasn't anything.

The race is down the street from my house, but due to heavy traffic, I was late. I left 1 hour before it started and by the time I got parked, walked a mile to the start line, and used the bathroom I crossed the start line 11 minutes after the gun went off. Oh well! I went.

I trained for a flat race and this was not, indeed, a flat race. There were at least 3 big hills I had to climb, in addition to small rolling hills. I promised myself I was going to grab water or Gatorade at every water stop in order to prevent cramps. I also had some GU gummies with me. I was killing it! I had a sore throat, but I've always heard you should still run if you're sick from the neck up and not run if you're sick from the neck down. Therefore, I was ignoring the pain. Around mile 8, I started to get really nauseas and that stayed with my for the rest of the run. Every time I tried to eat a gummie, I gagged. Every time I saw a spectator eating, I gagged. I even gagged when I saw a girl with her arm band in her mouth as she was trying to get her phone out. I was a mess, but I wasn't about to quit.

I managed to last until 11:55 miles before the cramps started. At that point I decided to walk it in. I knew I was on the edge of beating my 'under 3 hour' goal and tried to run a few times, but it wasn't happening. I was cramping from my calf up my thigh. Yikes. Luckily, I still had no foot pain!

I crossed the finish line in 3:00:49, a 13:48 pace and just 49 seconds from my goal. However, that is a PR for me so I'm not too disappointed. I plan to run this next year and crush that time.

Race evening: Since I was sick the week before, I did not get any fun carb loading dinners. The boyfriend and I had plans to go out that evening, but I was so extremely sick to my stomach that I couldn't move. My legs and body felt fine, but I just couldn't even stand the thought of food. As the night went on, my sore throat flared and everything in my mouth/throat felt swollen. Add a fever to that and I was miserable. The next morning, I dragged myself to urgent care where my strep test came back positive immediately. Luckily ,I started antibiotics instantly and in a few days was over the strep. Talk about a crazy couple of weeks!!

**I did end up getting my post race dinner the following weekend ;-)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Summer loser

Yep, still alive. I've noticed that long absenses in the blog world tend to be due to weight gain. Don't worry, this girl has been working hard all summer. I have actually lost weight--yesss! My lack of blogging is just due to my super-duper busy schedule:
Football: Braylon started playing in August and practices are every. single. weeknight... for TWO hours! He loves it, though so I have no complaints. Games have started on the weekend and I feel like I'm at a professional game with how excited I get. His dad is his coach (and at every practice to keep an eye on Braylon) so that means this girl gets to use this time to run.
Running: There is a bike path, surrounding the park where football practice is held, that branches out to 3 other paths so I have a lot of options. I mostly stick to running near the practice, though, so I can check on him every mile or so. I am putting in more miles than my training plan suggests and managing not to hurt myself in the process. I'm a little less than 4 weeks out from my half marathon and feel confident that as long as I can continue training like this, I will be getting a PR!
Kindergarten: He started last week and loved it! Mommy only cried for a few minutes after leaving him on day one and since then I've been ok. I'm so extremely excited for this time in his life. I picked him up from day one of school and asked how kindergarten was, he replied that I needed to raise my hand to ask a question. I guess he's learning something!
Work: I accepted a new position last month and while I'm not as stressed as my last, I definitely have zero time to blog during the day (not that I should have been anyways).
So due to kindergarten, work and football, I have 30 minutes between school and practice to feed braylon and get him into his football gear. It's hard to overeat when you don't have time to think about food. I just be sure to ALWAYS have healthy snacks and dinner ready in my fridge, otherwise I know it would be EXTREMELY easy to indulge in fast food. Here's a recent picture of me to hopefully show my summer weight loss. I still have a ways to go, but I'm very pleased with how I look.

Friday, July 19, 2013


Yesterday I completed the From Fat to Finish Line Virtual 5k! It was so effin hot outside, but I did it. My time was not my best, 39:18. My first 2 mile splits were 12:30 and 12:42 (dont remember the last 1.1 mile, but it was a lil higher).

You can still run the virtual 5k until Sunday. If you're interested, here's the bib:

Because it's fun to run with a bib!
 I'm on week 3 of training for my next half marathon. I'm trying so hard to put everything I have into each run and what I'm getting out of them is amazing! My pace is improving, my weight is going down and I feel just fabulous. The monthly challenges (strength training) I'm doing are amazing and really help with my running and removing inches from my body!

It's so awesome how when you begin pushing your body to places you didn't know it could go, your mind follows. I feel so tough! Not just physically, but in all aspects of my life. My self confidence is high and I actually love myself... finally! I put up with a lot less than I used to. All that self doubt I dealt with in the past is gone (for the most part--things still creep up).

Son-awesome. Boyfriend-amazing. Healthy eating-check. Exercise-double check. Job-moving up. Social life-lacking. I find it difficult to be in social settings unless my mind is JUST right. By "just right" I mean where I'm in a mode that I can refuse eating bad (such was the situaion last week at cheesecake factory. I ate a 570 calorie salad and then watched my friend order a slice of oreo cheesecake. It wasn't easy and it was on my mind for the next 24 hours). The point is, I have my little life so routine and planned out that straying even a bit causes me to lose my zone. I'd like to be able to go out to eat with friends or to a get together where snacks/cookies/pizza are present, but it's just not in the cards right now. I'm actually quite happy and even though I do miss carefree/fun Carly sometimes, I'll take tough/healthy Carly anyday!